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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Steps to get 2 or 4 wheeler learner's license at Andheri RTO

Hi Friends,

    we have this mentality to think that getting things from a government office Ration card,Passport,license is tedious and time consuming tasks and prefer such things to be done by agents by paying Hugh amount of money. This was true in the 80's and 90's ,but much has now changed recently thanks to advent of internet and liberalization policies.
I would like to share my experience in obtaining a two wheelers learner license at the Andheri-W RTO office. The same holds true for a 4 wheeler license. With bit of research and home work I got this done by spending only Rs 30 and one hour time spent at the RTO. Unbelievable isn't it? Read on....

Here are a few steps which will be help all those who want to get a learners license (2 or 4 wheeler)

Go to http://www.mahatranscom.in/LernerLicence.aspx, fill in the form and then select a suitable date to go to the RTO office depending upon your geographic location.Please note that Andheri-W RTO has a special window for internet bookings,so this would save a lot of time otherwise you would need to stand in line for the form,fill it and then again stand in queue to submit it.

Take a print out of the form and you would also need 1) Address proof 2)Age proof.It would be best if you have a passport since this would cover both the requirements. Please ensure you take the originals along with the xerox.
If you don't have a passport then for address proof:LIC policy or electricity bill Or telephone bill Or Election Card will do. AGE Proof: Birth certificate Or Leaving Certificate of school or college will be required.

On the day of submission: Reach RTO at time specified on the printout of the form submitted online.Its advisable to reach at 10:30 because as the day goes on the crowd increases.

There are five steps to be followed 1)Verification 2)Payment 3) data entry 4) Biometric entry 5) Test

1) Verification-Timings are from 10:30 to 15:30; location:For RTO Andheri:Section F
You would need to get your documents verified by the officer in charge. Please note this block F is for only online user’s otherwise you would need to stand in a long queue for the manual filled one’s.

2) Payment :location E block behind section.You need show the verified form here and pay Rs 30 for a 2 wheeler or Rs 60 for a 4 wheeler learner’s license.A receipt will be attached to the form.

3) you would need to go D block for data entry. Here the particular’s of your form will be feeded in the computer and the original form given back to you.

4) you need to go to and have your photo scanned and bio-metric fingerprint taken. Ensure that you check the details you have provided for any spell error’s.location: For Andheri RTO section D

5) Test : You would then need to go for the test where 6 is passing score out of 10 questions.you would need to select between A,B and C choices.The questions are pretty simple.
Thats it all this would take hardly 60 minutes provided you reach there early.
You would then need to come after 2days to collect your learner’s license between 3:30 to 5:00.Andheri-W RTO location behind block A.

You also need to ask the desk person where to go next after each procedure to ensure you go to the right place.Hope this blogs helps you in some way. For any other queires or doubts please post.I had gone on 31st Dec09 and got my learner's license on 2nd Jan.

I would urge each one of you to try this on your own instead of wasting money on an agent.

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  1. Thanks this was really helpful. Can I have your number so can call you incase of any diff?

  2. Hi Rajiv,

    This is seriously a very good help. Since a month i was in confusion whether to get a license myself or give Rs800 to an agent. Thank you so much for this.

    I just have couple of questions.
    1)Does Andheri-W RTO works on saturday? If yes, can u pls provide timings?
    2)Is ration card fine as a address proof?

    Tushar Shah

  3. Hi Tushar,

    RTO's have 2nd & 4th sat of the month as off's
    Ration card will work as address proof .

    Hope this Helps

  4. Hello Rajiv,
    i have too done the same thing but now how to get permanent licence i.e after 1 months..can u plz help me out..


  5. Section F is for registration i guess

  6. very good article .... thanks for your help !

  7. Any clue on how long does it take for Andheri RTO to send the license after driving test ? Also, do they send paper or card license ?

  8. hi.... this is raj shah i wanted to know .. dat do pepole below 18 (age) can get license for without gear tow wheeler vehicals,,,

  9. i have done the same thing but now how to get permanent licence i.e after 1 months..can u plz help me out....


  10. Thank you Rajiv for your guidance.

    Before going to RTO I read your blog. It was greatly helpful.
    I filled in my form at RTO and not online.
    My total expense for Driving License..
    Learners License: 2 + 4 Wheeler = Rs.60
    Permanent License: 2 + 4 Wheeler = Rs.360
    Extra expense (Due to their mishap) = Rs.60

    I did my license work by myself without any agent at Andheri RTO.
    Borrowed my friends car for the Test.
    Spending a day at RTO is nerve wrecking, but at the end was proud to have a License without any 'Bribing'

    Some officials are really helpful. For Instance the Inspector I had was happy to see that I applied without any Driving School or Agent.

    Test was normal driving ahead & reverse.

    Happy to hold a valid Driving License.. Now I'm licensed to Kill :P

  11. My driving licence is damaged..
    Only licence number and address are visible..
    how do i apply for a duplicate one..??
    Am i supposed to go through the same procedure of fresh licence?

  12. I just have my two wheeler licencse n I have taken training four wheeler with license but I m not getting it since I jave done both the procedure separately.now the trainer is asking me adifferent amt for getting me four wheeler licience . Can u help me out.reply.

    1. How to get four wheeler license from existing two wheeler license.

  13. Tnx for the post buddy it helped.

  14. hey i don't have 2 or 4 wheeler vehicle for test drive. what should i do? do in need to do it through an agent?

  15. Rajiv - thanks for the useful tips. found that the site is down ( maybe temporarily). Since your post is nearly 3yrs+old, any updates from you on the page would be most helpful!

  16. Can you now further update on this post rajiv!!! since this post is 3 yr old

  17. Can anyone update on procedures to obtain learner licence at Andheri RTO ?

  18. Can you please suggest If I need to give NOC? If I have a license from Andheri RTO but now as I stay at Mulund; I want the licence to be renewed from Wadala RTO.

  19. hey whats the amount for payment for non-gear vehicle license

  20. Hey, first thing the link on the website does not work... I wonder no one is talking about this issue!!!!! Govt is at the govt... bad work!

  21. Ya the link for andheri rto doesnt work.then how do others register there,i wonder about that!please help

  22. Hi, thanks very much for the valuable information. Will Aadhar card serve as address proof.

  23. hi I have been trying to fill the forms online and take an appointment the forms are saved at the web site but not being able to get an APPOINTMENT FOR A LEARNERS LICIENCE. THE ANSWER I GET IS THIS PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE. WILL SOME ONE PLEASE HELP ME..